Moodle Essential Training for Teachers and Sutdents | 918 MB
Released on: 5/28/2009

For Teachers: Moodle is an online tool that allows educators to interact with students outside the classroom and manage a course from anywhere. In Moodle Essential Training for Teachers, Chris Mattia shows how this program works for teachers on three levels: disseminating information, creating a forum where ideas are exchanged, and assessing the progress of students. Chris shows how to build course materials with Moodle's HTML editor, post assignments, and save time by using Moodle's grade book to evaluate tests automatically and organize scores. Exercise files accompany the course.

For Students: Moodle provides students with a rich environment of information, resources, and activities to enhance what is being taught in the classroom. In Moodle Essential Training for Students, Chris Mattia walks step by step through a typical Moodle course and shows students how to be successful. Chris shows how to post materials to a custom database, participate in a live chat with other students, and even access and complete assignments

For Students:

For Teachers: